"A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world.
What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset."

- Oscar Wilde

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La Fée Live is back…

La Fée Live is back… https://lnkd.in/grVz9BJ This Friday 7pm GMT 2pm Eastern Standard Time USA La Fée Master Class Casey Teague of Liquid Culture whom looks after La Fée in Georgia with Preiss Imports USA, is bringing together Brands to enable continued education from our homes to yours live via in this case: meet.google.com We


Get ready for “World Absinthe Day” 5th March 2020



Two extremes, with a touch of tonic….

La Fée Bus (RM255) was built 1959, I converted 2000, still rolling 20 years on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5aPojRso0E I believe the London double decker is the ultimate mobile billboard, only in our case also with a bar on each deck for on-trade cocktail training and events like university balls Seedlip Jan 2020 campaign https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/seedlip-launches-debut-ad-campaign-dry-january/1669960    

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