Endorsed by Musée de l'absinthe
Endorsed by Musée de l'absinthe
Endorsed by Musée de l'absinthe
Endorsed by Musée de l'absinthe

For me, my glory is but a humble ephemeral absinthe drunk on the sly, with fear of treason and if I drink no longer, it is for good reason!

Paul Verlaine

Endorsed by Musée de l'absinthe
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Verification of a true Absinthe Supérieure


There is one last stage before we are ready to bottle La Fée: A sample is couriered to Marie-Claude Delahaye (in Paris) and also to George Rowley, who test each batch, using their extensive experience of tasting Absinthe and also their knowledge of the original master recipe.

This starts with colour (soft green with a hint of yellow), then by adding water to establish the depth of louche. Then taste and aroma of the botanicals that are released by the drop in abv through dilution to drinking strength (12% to 16%abv). In the event any aspect is not to our exacting standards, the distillery is then advised of any fine-tuning required, a very rare event as our experience has grown since our returning the distilling of traditional absinthe to France over a decade ago (May 2000).

La Fée is the only Brand to have the endorsement and direct involvement of the French Absinthe Museum and Marie-Claude Delahaye. A unique quality control procedure that applies to both our Absinthe Supérieure, Parisienne and Blanche.

Only following this approval is the distilled Absinthe then sent for bottling in Paris, being our central hub supplying many countries across continents including the America’s, Europe and Asia Pacific. Added Protection: To protect the all-natural Parisienne we have commissioned and coated our signature bottle with a special UV inhibitor to protect the liquid against sunlight, which can quickly damage natural green.

La Fée in France

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