Extract from Difford’s Guide March 2023: Top 100 Cocktail Ingredients – according to the number of cocktails they are used in


“Difford’s Guide is made possible, in large part, by the brands (named in green in our cocktail recipes) that support us with cocktail sponsorship and one of the ways we try to thank them is by sharing cocktail trends. George, of La Fée Absinthe, recently asked where absinthe sat in the hit parade of most frequently used cocktail ingredients. We ran the numbers and I don’t know who was more surprised by the results, me or George. Turns out that absinthe is the 23rd most frequently used ingredient in 5,462 Difford’s Guide cocktail recipes.

This listing of the Top 100 Cocktail Ingredients is not only interesting reading for George, it may also help home cocktail enthusiasts decide which bottles to invest in next, and bar managers to assess what bottles they have closest to their bartenders’ stations.”



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