Absinthe Day: A Celebration of Absinthe’s return to the United States

April 28, 2014 mark

Today (March the 5th) marks the anniversary of Absinthe’s return to the USA, which feels very appropriate, as we are currently shipping a container to the USA:  Containing for the first time our all-natural La Fée Parisienne, Absinthe Supérieure as well as our La Fée Blanche, Absinthe Supérieure, a combination that offers traditional Verte and Blanche Absinthe endorsed by the French Absinthe Museum (Auvers-sur-Oise).

La Fée absinthe circa 2000 A bottle of La Fée Parisienne and Blanche Absinthe

From 2000 to present day:  the evolution of La Fée’s traditional French absinthe

Parisienne & Blanche are based on traditional 19th century recipes and made with 100% natural ingredients including Grand Wormwood, Green Anise & Fennel seed, with Parisienne’s natural colour protected by a UV resistant bottle.  Parisienne is a rich, vibrant Verte possessing earthy wormwood character and warm spice with a hint of fennel sweetness and citrus – perfect for classic cocktails and the traditional serve.  Blanche is, by comparison, a lighter, fresher and naturally sweeter absinthe – incredibly versatile and a delightful alternative to the classic Verte style.

Here are the other important dates for Absinthe lovers:

– May 2000 La Fée returns the distillation of Absinthe to France with the French Absinthe Museum, distilling and bottling in Paris
– April 2011 France repeals its ban, allowing absinthe to be labelled and sold as such for the first time in nearly 100 years.

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