George Rowley MD of La Fée joined Luxardo & Filliers Gin at the Black Pepper & Basil Training Academy and distributor of La Fée in Lisboa, for a Master class in La Fée Absinthe Luxardo and Filliers with bar professionals.

Black pepper & Basil Bar Training with La Fée

They enjoyed learning about traditional serves of La Fée Absinthe, both Parisienne Absinthe Supérieure and La Fée Bohemian Absinthe, he demonstrated to the mixologists, how the Absinthe fountain was used traditionally. George then explained the history of Absinthe and his involvement in bringing absinthe back after the 1915 ban.

La Fée Absinthe fountain at masterclass in Lisbon Oct 2017

Lunch was taken Al fresco with Luis from Black Pepper & Basil, G, World Brand Ambassodor for  Nicolo Luxardo, Mr Filliers, George Rowley and Jorge Rocha Alves of Aroma de Tarde

George Rowley having lunch Al Fresco with management of Luxardo and Filliers Gin, Lisbon Oct 2017

George then joined the Luxardo team at their take over of the Red Frog speak easy bar, where he enjoyed a cocktail made from both Luxardo Maraschino and La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Supérieure.  Red Frog Speak Easy bar was voted one of the top one hundred bars in the world, we look forward to seeing them a lot more in the future.

Nicolo Luxardo with Fresco cocktail with La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Supérieure

Fresco Cocktail recipe made with Luxardo Maraschino and La Fée Absinthe

We enjoyed a few ENVY NV Absinthe Verte Mojito’s made with Freshly squeezed lime juice, muddled mint leaves, and soda water, you can use sprite also, here we can see the Castle in Lisbon from “Bar” for more recipes on cocktails using La Fée, we also have some great cocktails using our ENVY Spirits, to find out how to make these great cocktails and to purchase our La Fée and Envy spirits range

ENVY Mojito with back drop of Lisbon castle

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this a great trip, with special thanks to Jorge from Aroma de Tardes and Luis from Black Pepper & Basil for taking George around Lisbon visiting many bars to show them our La Fée Parisienne Absinthe and ENVY-NV Absinthe Verte where a couple of Mojito’s were enjoyed!



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