Today is the 1st anniversary of the lifting of the 1915 French Absinthe ban. As one of the oldest absinthe-drinking guinea pigs alive today (having regularly drunk La Fée since returning distilling to France in May 2000) I am happy to report being in better shape than this guy…

‘The Alarming Effects of Absinthe on Guinea Pigs

Image taken from the book ‘Discours D’un Capitaine A Ses Soldats’, by Captain Jacob of the 109th Infantry, warning his Gallic troops to the evils of absinthe.

…As we now know, this experiment (injecting Guinea Pigs with ‘Absinthe extract’) was rather unfair on the unfortunate test subjects – Absinthe has since been proved to be as harmless (when consumed in moderation, of course) as the next distilled spirit. So this weekend we at La Fée will raise a glass to everyone who has been enjoying the green fairy since our revival of this wonderous spirit more than a decade ago.

Santé – Cheers

George Rowley
Founder of La Fée Absinthe

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