Who spotted Mr Venus (from Our Mutual Friend – played by Omid Djalili) sitting with a glass of absinthe in the finale of the BBC’s Dickensian series?

Absinthe in BBC Dickens episode

We were pleased to see what looks like a well prepared measure of traditional absinthe, in a classic absinthe glass, on Mr Venus’ table as is joined by Inspector Bucket (from Bleak House – played by Stephen Rea) in The Three Cripples (the public house from Oliver Twist). This is a historically sound appearance of La Fée Verte – the mid 19th century saw absinthe grow in popularity around the world.  In the UK, absinthe was enjoyed at famous establishments like The Savoy and Café Royal Hotel (where Oscar Wilde enjoyed a glass or two) and would have no-doubt made its way into a few public houses.

Set in the universe of Charles Dicken’s many famous literary works, the BBC series Dickensian has impressed on many levels, not least in the standard of writing and strength of cast.
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