Enjoying Absinthe

Throughout the 1800’s and early 1900’s absinthe was enjoyed by many and since the bans have slowly been lifting around the world is once again becoming a fashionable beverage.

Traditional French absinthe has always been enjoyed by slowly adding 4-6 parts iced water through sugar placed on an absinthe spoon. Many Parisian bars used fountains to drip the water through and some used carafes creating what is famously know as the louche…

Absinthe is enjoyed using these same methods today, however with modern trends more variations on serve are appearing especially in the Czech Republic where it is fashionable to use the sugar and burn method. Something we suggest you do not try at home!!!

Absinthe is no stranger to cocktails being an ingredient in what is one of the world’s first ever the Sazerac… Ernest Hemingway’s favourite cocktail was Death in the Afternoon. To learn more about traditional or modern cocktails follow the links.

Many busy bars use the easy speed serve where Gomme Syrup is added to the diluted drink.

Absinthe is by definition a traditional drink and we suggest drinking it in the traditional manner at least once!

Above all enjoy responsibly!

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