Indie Spirits Chicago

September 27, 2019 Jane Rowley

Indie Spirits @thehilton Chicago, built in 1927,  became The Conrad Hilton’s 1945 Great event .  Interesting industry Q&A with strong local panel, key trends from sparks of non alcoholic distilled spirit being used to soften others spirits/ drinks to White Craw Saltzer (basically Seltzer Water, gluten free alcohol and fruit flavour) storming the the market from main stream beer. Tips were given on approaching listings with retail and bar industry, equality etc… The main event was well attended with a good mix of trade both on & off & public.   La Fée received a very positive reception including my for both bar and take home. Luckily I was able to direct consumers to Binny’s Berveage Depot who have 40ish mega locations across Illinois via BC Merchants our state distributor Heading for Johnson Bothers Indian now…


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