It’s #BritishTomatoFortnight and what better time to talk about this classic cocktail with a twist.⁣
Did you know if you add absinthe to a Bloody Mary the result is a bloody fairy? Try for yourself the next time you’re looking for a brunch pick-me-up!⁣
1.5 oz vodka (or your best 40% abv neutral home-distilled spirit)⁣
4 oz tomato juice⁣
¼ oz fresh lemon juice⁣
4 dashes Worcestershire sauce⁣
2 dashes Cholula hot sauce or Tabasco⁣
Dash of salt⁣
4-5 heavy grindings of black pepper⁣
3-5 drops of absinthe⁣
Combine in a tall glass, add ice, and stir to mix. Garnish with a celery stick or slice of cucumber.

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