When evolving La Fée to restore Absinthe distilling to France with the French Absinthe Museum in 2000, I wanted a relevant image that was unique and projected the strength of the La Fée Brand and history of Absinthe. The La Fée eye became our symbol of both Absinthe’s past and her future:









I struggled for some time to find the eye for La Fée, looking at models and famous peple pictured in Tatler, Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and other style magazines.

Then by chance we found the most amazing eye’s with Sarah Nixey the lead singer of Black Box Recorder of which John Moore, (former Jesus & Mary Chain drummer) was part of and our Absinthe renaissance team. With contract in place for their visual use they were carved into box wood by the talented Andrew Davidson andrewdavidsonillustration.com and printed on a 1859 Albion hand press. The star burst added for me by Gavin Pretor-Pinney (Cloud Appreciation Society and Idler designer, to create the iconic La Fée EYE you see today. La Fée means fairy, and you will see I had her added as a glint in the eye…










By George Rowley 9th July 2018

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