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We are very happy to announce the La Fée Absinthe tour of Australia.  La Fée owner George Rowley, with leading importer Think Spirits, will be travelling to Australia’s major cities over one week to host absinthe master-classes for the trade, continuing our commitment to education for the good of the category.  Starting in Brisbane on Tuesday the 30th of September and finishing in Sydney on Sunday the 5th of October – here’s the full itinerary:

1] Brisbane, Tuesday 30th September, 1.30pm at Cobbler

2] Perth, Wednesday 1st October, 4.00pm at Bar Lafayette

3] Adelaide, Thursday 2nd October, 3.00pm at Botanic Bar

4] Melbourne, Friday 3rd October, 2.30pm at Cantina

5] Sydney, Sunday 5th October, 3.30pm at Hotel Centennial

If you work in the drinks trade or media, and would like to join us at any of these events, please contact Think Spirits.

George Rowley is the owner of La Fée, who in association with The French Absinthe Museum returned the commercial distilling of traditional Absinthe to France in 2000.  The master-classes will cover absinthe’s history, bans, and the work undertaken to revive the category with La Fée, as well as a chance to taste the range, classic cocktails and ask any questions.

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