La Fée LIVE is the first dedicated online Absinthe bar training facility in the world.

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La Fée is excited to roll out this new, clean and green technology to further educate our partners, their clients and consumers during the coming decade. Our unique media bar is custom-built for brand training, development and awareness.  Changing the way sales teams are trained today, harmonising new technology for sales teams training to that associated with management video conferencing. Having laid hundreds of metres of fibre-optic and CAT5 cable to a unique bar with permanent multi camera installations & flat screen monitors, we can now offer seamless communication with any partner signed up to our dedicated, free service across Europe, the Americas & Asia-Pacific.

We now offer dedicated interactive online absinthe training sessions from our UK HQ:  In partnership with our global distributors we aim to directly train sales teams with live sessions and offer full seminars and interviews all in real-time.  At a moment’s notice we can arrange live and interactive sessions to any location world-wide.

The bespoke system is designed to suit the needs of our distribution partners, with face to face communication; no travel time, great flexibility in arranging sessions and instant access to our expertise – all whilst greatly reducing travel related carbon emissions.  This will allow for more direct investment in supporting our clients.  Already Vinopolis, World Duty Free and Glazer’s Family of Companies have expressed interest in utilising this technology, as we look to offer regular weekly training to our key industry partners.

The dedicated system has been built to give La Fée the ability to train, converse and give interviews the world over at very short notice, taking communication with the brand to a new and dynamic level.  Sucessful testing of the media platform has been carried out with Cellar Trends (UK), Glazers of Texas, Glazer’s of Missouri & Glazer’s of Ohio & Southern Wine and Spirits in California (USA) & Think Spirits (Asia-Pacific).

If you would like to arrange an interview with La Fée brand owner George Rowley from the La Fée LIVE training facility please or call 0044 (0)1992 511 445

La Fée is dramatically expanding from its European home across the USA and into Asia-Pacific.  As a consequence it is clearly impossible to maintain the level of education we would wish using traditional methods.  Our dedicated team can now be in two places at once, thanks to utilising this new, exciting & far greener technology – clearly the future for training in the spirits industry.

George Rowley, 12th July 2010

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