USA Detroit ~ Michigan Being a Control State for spirits the rules can again vary ~ our distributor BENCHMARK here is therefore a ‘Broker / Agent’ Fab team run by Auday Arabo.

So goods landed at warehouse, actually still belong to our importer Preiss Imports, until sold through and you need to price list etc… 90 days!
City is massively car orientated, no surprise there, being the home of Henry Ford Motors.
Walking was not so easy so car / transport needed.
I spent two excellent days in the market across both on & off-trade, making many placements with Steve & then Jay in his cool all American Lincoln sedan, from Grey Ghost, speakeasies like The Keep to Tiki Bar, Lost River. 
Thanks to all at Benchmark for rounding off an excellent meet and greet with Master Classes, and many new clients across Michigan, Johnson Brothers Indiana & BC Merchants Illinois. 
Now I’m back for something different, I’m driving Friday RM255 (La Fée Bus) up to Manchester for two days of Cocktails in the City week ~ never boring!

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