La Fée X•S Francaise, an Extra Supérieure French Absinthe

La Fée X•S Française, a wine-based amer absinthe distilled in the historical town of Pontarlier, the French homeland of absinthe.


La Fée X•S Française is an extra supérieure absinthe distilled in the historical town of Pontarlier, the French homeland of absinthe. Production in the region began in the early 19 th Century and it is here that our X•S Française distillers’ great grandfather produced absinthe prior to its ban in 1915. For X•S Française those same stills, purchased second hand in 1870 are used along with traditional distillation methods, a fine selection of herbs and a wine alcohol base resulting in a truly authentic absinthe.


Due to its complexity the distillation of La Fée X•S Française is personally performed by our distiller. The best quality locally grown herbs are used, with the fresh wormwood of Pontarlier hung and dried upside down in the dark eaves of the distillery to preserve its goodness; each plant is stripped by hand leaving the stalk behind. Fine ingredients, including grand anise, wormwood and wine alcohol are soaked producing an intense exotic aroma and are distilled twice over the course of a few days while other fine secret herbs are distilled in separate pot stills. The two resulting liquids are finally distilled together and then stored in oak barrels to mature. A secret recipe of herbs, as used by our distillers’ great grandfather, is then added to create its colour.

Tasting Note

Before adding water this extra supérieure French absinthe has a pale bright appearance and forward intense aroma of wood and new pine with a citrus background.
It is best enjoyed by adding 4 to 6 parts iced water dripped over sugar creating a pale milky green louche, after which its flavours evolve into a textured superb structure that is powerful and complex.

Key Points

As well as a wine alcohol base, the finest aromatic plants are used, including locally grown Grand Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)

Distilled by hand in small quantities, using a traditional recipe and distillation methods

Traditional French serving, 4-6 parts iced water over sugar using an absinthe spoon

The famous absinthe louche takes place when water is added

Each bottle is presented in a gift box with hand-written certificate as standard

The X.S range is classified as an amer, meaning a substantially higher level of wormwood is used

Traditional strength 68% abv 70cl bottle size

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