A Parisienne Kiss or two could be a good start… http://www.ParisienneKiss.com

“I created this one evening in my kitchen in Hertfordshire based on a Gin and Tonic. La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Supérieure, Fever Tree Tonic, Peychaud’s Bitters (my preference, gives a nice blush pinking) or Angostura Bitters, fresh limes and cucumber strips!
Parisienne Kiss, is a crossover between France (classic absinthe) and New Orleans (with Peychaud’s bitters).
You get a lovely fresh, elegant statement cocktail dressed with cucumber and lime. Heavy use of ice is deliberate as it acts as the key catalyst to the ‘Absinthe effect’ ”
How to have a http://www.ParisienneKiss.com

Buy La Fée : The Drink Shop: https://lnkd.in/dAs3M4M

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