"A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world.
What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset."

- Oscar Wilde

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Le Piano, Delilahs and Binny’s Chicago

Regardless of all the political turmoil & deadlock imploding back home, the daily reality for me is meeting, work, evolving business with others from importers, distributors, on & off-trade & consumers be it at home or abroad… Fun was had yesterday covering all these bases from the cool live Jazz Bar Le Piano with Owner


The Northcott Liquorette Speakeasy

George hosting an Absinthe Masterclass at the very cool speakeasy: The Northcott Liquorette.  Modeled after the speakeasys of the Prohibition era, the Northcott Liquorette features absinthe fountains, liquor-infused teapot kettles, & rare whiskey acquisitions in a private, cocktail lounge setting.  Consume without abandon & you too might find yourself hiding from the law.  


La Fée goes to Chicago

George Rowley heads off to Chicago for Indie Spirits Expo, a tasting event featuring a collection of craft distillers, brand owners and importers from around the world.

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