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Intel Article May 2021

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Appreciate global drinks intel. picking up on our new innovative La Fée 20cl for ‘Front of Bar’ and most importantly ‘Home Bars’ with its unique cocktail book label with added auto pourer

“Lockdown is drawing more people to home
cocktails,” says La Fée’s Rowley. “Our new
20cl is ideal for cocktails needing a splash
or a dash”. The 20cl is supported by QR
codes linking to the brand’s site as well as
a third-party cocktail directory in addition
to an unique cocktail recipe booklet.

New La Fée 20cl is now available: UK, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland…

Venue Insight – Nov 2020

Venue Insight article Nov 2020

Venue Insight Nov 2020
Venue Insight Inside Front Cover Nov 2020
Venue Insight Page 8 Nov 2020

Press Coverage

Bar Magazine – 27th Oct 2020

March 2014: Americas Duty Free Magazine

La Fée’s strong global duty free network is featured in this year’s IAADFS edition of Americas Duty Free magazine. Click the below image to read the article.

February 2014: Bar Magazine

La Fée’s all natural Absinthe Supérieure Parisienne & Blanche feature in this article, which also features some less authentic products of questionable provenance, authenticity and quality. Click the image below to open the online version and head to page 28.

January 2014: London Evening Standard

La Fée Parisienne and Pernod Absinthe are reviewed by Richard Godwin. Click the cutting to read the full article.

October 2013: Southern Daily Echo (UK)

Parisienne is recommended for Hallowe’en drinking:

September 2013: Imbibe Magazine (UK)

Au Naturelle – the newly refined Parisienne is in the news again:

September 2013: The Grocer (UK)

Our newly refined La Fée Absinthe Parisienne is featured:

August 2013: Telegragh.co.uk

Susy Atkins wrote about the newly refined La Fée Absinthe Parisienne in a review of absinthe for the Telegraph (click their logo for the full story:

August 2013: Pub & Bar Magazine

La Fée Parisienne is featured in their new products news section:

July 2013: Bar Magazine.co.uk

‘La Fée challenges premium absinthes with new recipe’ – click their logo for the full story:

July 2013: LifestyleDistrict.co.uk

A fantastic review of our Vinopolis masterclass, by Lifestyle District. See the full review and all the photography by clicking the below image.

July 2013: PackagingNews.co.uk

The UV protective bottle which protects our new recipe & natural colour was featured by Packaging News (click their logo for the full story):

July 2013: Just-Drinks.com

Newly refined and made with 100% natural ingredients, the launch of La Fée Absinthe Parisienne is announced by Just-Drinks.com (click their logo for the full story):

July 2013: Imbibe Magazine (UK)

The new La Fée Absinthe Blanche is featured:

May 2013: Encounter Magazine (Thailand)

La Fée Absinthe is served at Le Derrierre, Q Bar, in Bangkok – one of the city’s first French themed absinthe bars:

December 2012: Evening Standard (London)

La Fée Absinthe features heavily at the bar of the newly re-opened Hotel Café Royal:

August 2012: National Liquor News Magazine (Australia)

La Fée Absinthe Blanche received the following coverage in August’s National Liquor News Magazine (Australia):

August 2012: Bar & Clubs Magazine (Australia)

La Fée Absinthe Blanche received the following coverage in August’s Bar & Club Magazine (Australia):

June 2012: The Independant – Food & Drink: Blithe spirit

La Fée Absinthe Blanche received this review in The Independent on the first of June 2012:

May 2012: The Spirits Business – La Fée reinforces position with Absinthe Blanche launch

Becky Paskin covers the launch of La Fée’s latest addition: Absinthe Blanche:

‘… Unlike its Verte counterpart, La Fée Blanche is a lighter, sweeter and more feminine expression with a lower alcohol content (53%ABV) designed to be drunk without sugar.

The absinthe is being distributed in the UK on- and off-trades by Cellar Trends and is currently available at World Duty Free stores in seven airports around the country. Its launch will continue in Australia, Spain, Portugal, the Balearic Islands and Paris over the coming months, and the US by December…’

Read the full piece here.

May 2012:

Ian Cameron interviews George Rowley & Marie-Claude Delahaye on the launch of La Fée Absinthe Blanche, as well as their history in the return of absinthe distilling to France.

September 2011: The Spirits Business – Travel Retail Edition ‘Travelling Well’


18.04.2011: BBC Radio 4 Radio ‘Today’ Program (Audio Download)

La Fée brand owner George Rowley appearing on the BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ Program with Evan Davies & James Naughtie. Interviewed by Lesley Curwen, discussing the repeal of the French Absinthe Ban of 1915.

Today Show – download and play in Google Chrome, iTunes or Quicktime – more formats coming soon.

Please note that in this interview it was indicated that a different recipe was needed to distil under the ban: This is not the case, La Fée has been distilling a classic French absinthe since 2000. The reference to cocktail culture in the 1920s is related to the American Bar at the Savoy, London – which continued to stock absinthe post 1915 French Ban.

July/August 2011: Thuries Gastronomie Magazine article ‘La fée revient’ (The fairy returns)

June 2011: The Hertfordshire Mercury article ‘That’s the spirit! The man who helped lift absinthe ban (click image for story)

June 2011: The Spirits Business article ‘Absinthe Makes Home Comeback’

Text reads: ‘Back in May legislation was published in the ‘journal officiel’ to lift the long-standing ban agsinst absinthe in France, which means absinthe is now legal once more. In 2000, La Fée – in partnership with Marie-Claude Delahaye of the Musée de l’Absinthe, in Auvers-sur-Oise, France – became the first brand to distil absinthe in France, following 85 years without any production of absinthe after the national ban in 1915. Initially all absinthe produced in France was exported.
George Rowley, managing director of La Fée, comments on the French Senate vote in April that lifted the ban: “We are delighted to see France embraceing the absinthe category again. We were first to distil in France, exporting initially to the UK, and continue to drive the renaissance of this fine spirit around the world.”
Marie-Claude Delahaye, director of the Musée de l’Absinthe, adds: “Absinthe has a rich heritage in France that resonats across the globe as sales of quality absinthe continue to grow. Visitors to our museum are fascinated by the history of this product and we applaud the French parliament for this historic decision.”
Last year, La Fée, in association with the Musée de l’Absinthe presented a dossier of evidence to the FFS [Franch Federation of Spirit producers] to support the case for completely legalising absinthe once more in France.’

May 2011: Le Parisien article ‘Le retour en grace de l’absinthe’

Key points from the translation: ‘If Marie-Claude Delahaye is the Queen of Absinthe, George Rowley is undoubtedly the King. With his company La Fée, set up in 2000, this 47 year old Englishman is responsible for bringing Absinthe back into fashion… His love of the Green Fairy brought him into contact with Marie-Claude Delahaye… She showed him true French Absinthe including recipes and the special preparation ritual…. He wanted to produce a genuine traditional absinthe, similar to those of the 19th century. After a year’s collaboration with Marie-Claude, he managed to recreate, as close as possible, the drink enjoyed by the Impressionnistes… George Rowley became the first producer of a distilled absinthe in France for nearly a century. The repeal of the 1915 law can only please him. Why can the rest of the world enjoy your product and not its native country? he says. It is really important that the French embrace their culture. For me, France is the spiritual home of absinthe’.

May 2011: Drinks Business Magazine article ‘France lifts Absinthe ban after nearly a Century’

05.05.2011: Huffington Post article ‘Absinthe Now Legal In France: Where Else Can You Buy It

04.05.2011: BBC website article ‘Legalising the ‘green fairy”

03.05.2011: Daily Telegraph ‘Helping absinthe’s spirit live on’

23.04.2011: Financial Times Weekend


USA Today:


23.04.2011: Radio France International

22.04.2011: Modern Distillery Age

21.04.2011: Imbibe.com – Absinthe ban lifted

The French law prohibiting the sale of products bearing the name absinthe is set to be lifted.

The French senate had passed the first stage of repeal in October last year, which was then subject to a vote by the assemblée Nationale before returning to the senate for final approval. The law does not concern the production of drinks that use wormwood (as this is already governed by EU law), but rather the sale of products using the name ‘absinthe’. The repeal was motivated, in part, by Switzerland’s intention to gain a geographic protected indication for absinthe, which would leave French producers at a disadvantage.

La Fée and the Musee De L’Absinthe presented evidence to the French Federation of Spirit Producers last year to support the case for legalising absinthe in France. La Fée’s founder, George Rowley, commented on the repeal: ‘We are delighted to see France embracing the absinthe category again. We were first to distil in France, exporting initially to the UK, and continue to drive the renaissance of this fine spirit around the world.’

The repeal is likely to be passed into law in mid-May. Until then, Rowley explains, absinthe will continue to be sold in France as ‘spiritueux aux plantes d’absinthe’.

20.04.2011: The Drinks Business ‘French ban on absinthe finally lifted’

After 96 years, France has finally lifted its ban on absinthe. The French Senate voted last week to lift the ban against selling the drink in the country.

Production of absinthe only began again in France in 2000 by British brand La Fée, on the understanding that the spirit could be distilled in France for export abroad.

Since 2003, absinthe has been able to be sold in France through a legal loophole if the label states: Made from absinthe plants, rather than simply absinthe, despite it being the same product.

George Rowley, managing director of La Fée, believes the acceptance and endorsement from France marks the return of the absinthe category: Absinthe is enjoying a renaissance and the ban being lifted in France will only raise its profile.

I am delighted to see France embracing absinthe again and feel proud that a British company has helped influence the return of a national drink to France.

Absinthe is going global we’ve just launched in South Africa and India, and are taking orders from Guatemala and Trinidad, it’s phenomenal.

To help bring about a lifting of the ban, Le Fée, in association with the Musee de L’Absinthe, presented a dossier of evidence to the French Federation of Spirits Producers to support the case for legalising the spirit in France.

Absinthe has a rich heritage in France that resonates across the globe, capturing the aroma and taste that artists and writers such as Rimbaud, Toulouse-Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh enjoyed at the end of the 19th century, said Marie Claude Delahaye, director of the Musee de L’Absinthe.

The lifting of the ban will come into effect mid-May.

Lucy Shaw, 20.04.2011


18.04.2011: Bar Magazine online – French officially lift absinthe ban

The ban against absinthe was officially lifted by the French Senate last week after a long-running campaign. Campaigners included British brand La Fée which became the first brand to distill absinthe in France in 2000 after it was banned in 1915. La Fée, in partnership with Marie Claude Delahaye at the Musée de l’Absinthe in France, presented a dossier of evidence to the FFS, the French federation of spirit producers, to support the case for completely legalising absinthe once more in France.

Text from CNN coverage

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