La Fée Signature Cocktails

French Mojito

 (Serve: Collins Glass

Garnish: Mint Sprigs Bouquet

How to Make: Sqeeze and drop lime wedges into glass half-filled with ice.  Add mint and absinthe, churn with ice (Crushed Optional).  Fill glass with more ice and TOP with lemonade (or lemon-lime soda).

3 Wedges Fresh Lime
8 Fresh Mint Leaves
25ml La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Supérieure
90ml Artisan Lemonade

Premium Bar Serve, Build Own Lemonade.
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice

15ml Simple Syrup, top with Soda Water


“I created this light and refreshing alternative to a rum mojito as an easy way to enjoy absinthe.  Great as an aperitif or for hot weather, an interesting fresh change to a standard mojito or gin and tonic.  Great drink, easy to make”


Drink Creator, George Rowley


Parisienne Kiss

Serve: Wine Glass

Garnish: Thin cucumber ribbon placed around the inside of glass

How to make:
Half fill glass with ice and place garnish around glass, Add ingredients (squeeze lime wedges and drop into drink) and top with more ice before topping with tonic water.

3 wedge Fresh Lime
25ml La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Supérieure
2 dash Peychaud’s Bitters or Aromatic Bitters (optional)
90ml Tonic Water


“I created this one evening in my kitchen in Hertfordshire based on a Gin and Tonic.  Parisienne Kiss, is a cross over between France (classic absinthe) and New Orleans  with Peychaud’s Bitters.  You get a lovely fresh elegant statement cocktail dressed with cucumber and lime.

Heavy use of ice is deliberate as it acts as the key catalyst to the ‘Absinthe effect’”

Drink Creator, George Rowley


Spider Highball

Serve: Highball Glass

Garnish: Lime Wedge

How to Make: Pour all ingredients into ice-filled glass.

15ml-25ml La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Superiéure
2 dash Aromatic Bitters
ml Ginger Ale


La Fée and Ginger Ale combine well in this refreshing Highball.


“The Highball was first concocted in USA prior to Prohibition (1920 – 1933 ).

A Highball is essentially a cocktail that contains more mixer than spirit

First gained popularity in Japan over 60 years ago with Whisky and Soda.

La Fée Spider Highball is a great thirst quencher.  An easy to make drink, and worthy of such a cool name”


George Rowley


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