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November 20, 2015 mark

After 16 years of exceptional consumer wine spirits education, the iconic Vinopolis is to finally close its doors on the 31st of December 2015 La Fée is honoured to have been associated with Vinopolis for many years, where the bespoke Absinthe experience enabled thousands of guests to taste and learn about La Fée’s Supérieure range. ‘Though we are sorry to…

July 6, 2015 mark

Photo booth at the Clare Hall, Cambridge, Belle Epoque Soirée 2015 sponsored by La Fée Absinthe.  

December 24, 2014 mark

Our highlights of 2014 include tours of Australia and the middle-east, delicious new cocktail creations from top bartenders, a host of respected awards and Marie-Claude Delahaye’s new Absinthe Museum blog.  We kick things off with the awards… Absinthiades 2014 Having not entered the Absinthiades for a few years, we were so happy to receive silver…

April 28, 2014 mark

…Jeremy Clarkson calls on the alleged creativity-enhancing powers of Absinthe (two whole bottles!?) to assist the design team for the next Lamborghini.   Our advice would be a couple of glasses of the classic La Fée ParisienneAbsinthe Supérieure served in the traditional manner. We’ll be sending a bottle or two to Jeremy, James & Richard to…

January 17, 2014 mark

Listen to George Rowley discuss absinthe’s revival and ongoing renaissance with Daniel Giacopelli on Monocle 24 Radio (click the image, select ‘listen to episode’ and the interview starts at 08m:45s) Tell us what you think on Twitter and Facebook

December 12, 2013 mark

George Rowley (Brand Owner) collected Absinthe Grand Master award for the third consecutive year at The Spirits Business annual awards at the Penthouse, Leicester Square, London. Presented to La Fée as the best in class for taste and looks; La Fée also excelled with Masters in Travel Retail selling around the world.

March 15, 2013 mark

Enjoy St Patrick’s Day with La Fée La Fée Irish Coffee Recipe Ingredients: Hot teaspoon 1 measure or shot La Fée Absinthe 2 teaspoons brown sugar 5 to 6 ounces freshly-brewed strong black coffee 2 teaspoons heavy or whipping cream, lightly whipped Preparation: Place a teaspoon in a bowl with hot water to heat; let…