Tasting the latest batch of La Fée X•S Française

The latest batch of La Fée X•S Française arrived from Pontarlier last week, and before being given final approval it must be tasted…

George Rowley & Oscar Dodd tasting a new batch of La Fée X•S
It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it…

The traditional colouring process imparts a golden straw colour to the absinthe, which is at it’s brightest soon after bottling – this batch being no exception.  Before dilution the aroma leaps from the glass:  Fresh pine with citrus and dry spice – complex and vibrant.  The louche is slow and steady, as the water slowly permeates the viscous spirit, releasing an array of herbal aromas.  After dilution La Fée X•S Française displays perfectly integrated sandalwood spice, warm anise and fresh fennel on the nose.  The palate is full, rich and well rounded – with earthy wormwood giving structure, rounded by light citrus and anise.  The finish is long, persistent, and very satisfying.

Testament to our master distiller’s craft, this batch more than met our approval.

When La Fée started distilling these grape alcohol ‘amer/bitter’ absinthes, the EU rules differed to those which govern the distillation of ‘spirit’ absinthes:  The rules for distilling amers/bitter spirits have since been merged with those for normal absinthe spirits.  Unfortunately absinthes such as La Fée X•S Française and X•S Suisse are still prohibited in the ‘States, as the US government only permits absinthe spirits to be imported.

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