Traditional Absinthe


Distilled in France

Look for distilled with Natural Grand Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium)

Various shades of green in appearance: Verte The Green Fairy all verte absinthes are dyed

Traditionally served with 4 to 6 parts iced water through sugar (to taste)

Consistent louche indicates appropriate level of green anise

Classic full strength 68%ABV 72%ABV
Earthy, herbal bitterness indicates the presence of wormwood [ refer to bottle to ensure Grand Wormwood ] and this is why sugar is required by most to balance the drink.

Ideal for re-creating many pre-ban cocktails refer to Savoy Cocktail Book (Peter Dorelli), Jerry Thomas Bartenders Guide etc

The dominant flavour is anise (green and/or star)

There should be a balance between the various characters of herb and spice with the dominant grand wormwood and anise flavours balanced by softer elements such as fennel, mint, hyssop, lemon balm etc.
Professional distillers exporting around the world (such as La Fée’s) ensure year round quality and consistency to consumers by stabilising their signature Verte / Green colour. If you do not do this, the quality and finish of each Absinthe production can be effected by heat and light after leaving the distillery. There is always room for boutique, small-scale products such as the La Fée XS range. But, in the case of La Fée XS Francaise; we protect the delicate spirit from these elements with a dark glass bottle and individual box



Distilled in Switzerland

Look for distilled with Natural Grand Wormwood [ Artemisia Absinthium ]

Clear in appearance

Traditionally served with 3-4 parts iced water no sugar required owing to natural balance of herb and spice

Louches a deep milky white

Classic full strength 53%ABV 55%ABV
Wormwood character appears softer on the palete as it is tempered by greater amounts of fennel, amongst other herbs giving the typically Swiss finish.

Makes for a wonderful traditional serve, although slightly less versatile in cocktails
The dominant flavours are Anise and Fennel, balancing the earthy grand wormwood.

NB: History indicates that pre-ban, French Verte absinthe outsold Swiss La Bleue by a ratio of 10:1, giving the nickname La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy) with sales throughout the French Empire and her colonies. Our experience indicates this ratio is upheld in the renaissance era.

Thoroughly Modern Absinth

(spelt without an ‘e’)

Distilled in the Bohemian Style (minimal anise content tends to be led by Mint)

Electric blue-green in colour

Does not louche

Full strength 70%+

Can be served using sugar and burn, we only recommend this to be executed by a fully qualified and experienced barman, observing the necessary safety measures.

Wicked in cocktails, such as La Fée Bohemian Sours, layered shooters and many more contemporary cocktails as it is so versatile.

The final chapter – Absinthe’s Second Coming

I have made it my duty to look for and work with the people best placed to help secure Absinthe’s second coming I’m pleased to say that Team La Fée: Marie-Claude Delahaye, Christian Camax, The Museum, myself and Gavin have proved up to the task in laying the foundations and nurturing real Absinthe’s return, enabling the likes of Pernod and many independent distillers to legally produce Absinthe again.

Over the years La Fée has exported further afield, developing the iconic Brand and its loyal fans, not followers of fashion but leaders and first adopters. It started with people being bold enough to order on-line with us shipping globally, to the present day with distributors fanned out around the globe in all key markets.

I’m pleased to see that independent spirit judges world confirm our Brand’s status with awards across every product in our French and Swiss folio of Absinthe, making La Fée probably the highest awarded renaissance Absinthe fully justifying our La Fée eye on every bottle; being our mark of excellence!

I predict the green fairy is about to take flight, rising into mainstream spirits as the last symbolic obstructions, such as the French Ban of 1915 fall (14th April 2011 the repeal will hit the statute books, becoming law in mid May 2011 in France) giving us full category recognition. My company will continue to push for sound education and better knowledge for the market, focussed on provenance, quality and respective styles with La Fée. Using innovations like La Fée LIVE and communication through our products and social media network:

Brand Sites: / /
Face Book: La Fee Absinthe
Twitter: @realabsinthe

My team and I would like to thank our fellow drinkers, bartenders, enthusiasts and people I have personally met along the way that have and are travelling with us on this incredible journey, for without you it would be impossible to return Absinthe to its rightful place on the back of every Bar…

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