5th March with La Fée


Try a French Mojito, 60 second easy make video below

All you need is La Fée, Limes, Mint, Ice and Lemonade.

Join Absinthe’s Renaissance and celebrate with over 200 fab cocktails with La Fée®:

La Fée Cocktails by Difford‘s Guide

or try our simple signature serves below, Classic La Fée, French Mojito, Spider Highball and Parisienne Kiss.

Join the Fun around the world:


If you fancy learning more about how the Absinthe Renaissance happened and why we celebrate on 5th March, then read on :


Absinthe Renaissance starts in EU early 1998 by John Moore, Gavin Pretor-Pinney, Tom Hodgkinson & George Rowley:

Story Part 2: 


Document that founded and enabled Absinthe Global Renaissance, signed 21st July 1998

Document drafted and signed by George Rowley and signed by the Governing Trading Standards Authorities created the first legal application for levels of Thujone within commercial absinthe to drink, using the  EU Council Directive 88/388/EEC

Since the Global Absinthe bans between 1910 – 1915, This action enabled commercial Absinthe return to world markets and is the precedence followed by Absinthe Spirits to this day…

Looking to return real Absinthe to France, Rowley helped by his now wife Jane, Helen Cocaign and John Coe (former leading UK importer and distributor):

Story Part 3: ~ Finding Real French Absinthe


Commercial distilling of real Absinthe in France starts with La Fée, created by Marie~Claude Delahaye & The French Absinthe Museum  with George Rowley:

Story Part 4: 2000 ~ La Fée restores Absinthe to France

USA joins thanks to the Codex Treat signed with EU, first bottles appearing 5th March 2007 securing Absinthe Renaissance around the world:

Story Part 5: ~ United States of America joins the party, making Absinthe legal again as a world spirit…


Signature serve by La Fée®

Signature serve by La Fée®


Signature serve by La Fée®


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