High-up on the French side of the Alps on the evening 14th November 2008, in the historic absinthe town of Pontarlier, the award ceremony for Absinthiades 2008 took place.

Absinthiades Logo

Absinthiades medals for La Fée Absinthe

Set in the town hall, local dignitaries including Patrick Genre, the Mayor of Pontarlier, distillers and absinthe fans gathered to pay their respects to this important drinks category.

George Rowley (owner La Fée and absinthe pioneer) gratefully received Gold and Silver for La Fée X•S Suisse and La Fée X•S Française for the second year running since entering this prestigious event, having again scored the highest marks in the competition.

George Rowley and Mayor of Pontarlier

Since George opened up the absinthe category in Europe in 1998, La Fée works with the best people in this industry to ensure quality, authenticity and the highest level for our clients. George presented the Mayor with our other award winning absinthe, La Fée Parisienne (distilled by a Paris based distiller in association with the French Absinthe Museum and Marie-Claude Delahaye).

Audience at Absinthiades awards 2008

La Fee is now bringing this expertise to America supplying the bar trade and off-licences, currently in California (and Colorado) through Southern Wine & Spirits and State of New York though Genesis, MHW Ltd.

George Rowley with Mayor of Pontarlier

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Bottle of La Fée X•S FrancaiseBottle of La Fée X•S Suisse

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