Friday 29th June saw La Fée Absinthe sponsor ‘An Electric Storm’, an event involving, art, live stage performances and, of course, La Fée Absinthe.

Electric storm event with La Fée absinthe

Our absinthe bar proved to be a very popular attraction, with many of the guests returning for more throughout the night.

La Fée Fountain


In our own absinthe parlour, the night began with music from Arthur Larger, and the film screening of The Divine Bridget Bardot starring Bridget Bardot herself, the woman hailed by many as ‘the French Marilyn Monroe’.

Lady Jane with glass of La Fée parisienne absinthe

Following this was the live performance of 1927, a theatrical cabaret combining live music, cabaret and film. With fantastic timing to a backdrop of images and film, 1927 held the audiences attention throughout their entire performance.

Ade with glass of La Fée absinthe

Flow to the absinthe bar continued and it seemed the infamous green fairy was taking effect as people were laughing, smiling and happy to dance the night away.

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