Distilling a new batch of La Fée

March 18, 2013 mark

George Rowley, MD of La Fée,  at the distilling of a new batch of La Fée Absinthe Parisienne at the Rhone-Alpes Distillery.

George Rowley checking Fennel before distillation of La Fée absinthe

Alcohol being poured into stil
Beet neutral alcohol being added to the fennel still.
Anise vapour rising from stil
Particles of fennel rising from the still.
E.Trocollo & Fils, Constructeur, Marseille.
E.Trocollo & Fils, Constructeur, Marseille.
Wooden Stills at Cherry Rocher
Wooden Stills
George Rowley of La Fée and Marie-Claude Delahaye in herb room at Cherry Rocher
George and Marie-Claude in the herb room.
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