Bottle of La Fée Aux Plantes D'Absenthe Renaming of La Fée absinthe La Fée Absinthe

Rowley re-labels the first “Absinthe” for France after 85 years, fittingly with Marie-Claude and presents as such for her museum.

This symbolic act paves the way for France to legally embrace Absinthe’s return; favour following the French government’s decision to repeal of the 1915 Ban (being Absinthe’s last major obstacle).  The category will now expand even faster, supported around the world with the iconic La Fée Brand and her folio of Absinthes – already reaching every continent always at the heart of Absinthe!

French Senat in Paris
George Rowley standing in front of the French Senat this Monday

La Fée returned the distilling of Absinthe to France in 2000 (for export only) in 2003 we started selling in France as La FéeAux Plants d’Absinthe (as it was still illegal to sell “Absinthe” in France). Yesterday’s decision to sign the repeal onto the statute book, following votes by the Senat and National Assembly; confirmed France’s repeal of their Absinthe Ban of 1915.

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