On Friday the 19th September 2008 La Fée was invited to participate in an event at Mad46 – the rooftop bar at the Roosevelt Hotel on Madison Avenue, 46th St – introducing guests to the green fairy whist watching the sun set over the Manhattan skyline.

Oscar serves the drinks

Mad46 is accessed through the back door to the Roosevelt Hotel. A series of security guards as well as a service lift gives you an initial impression of a top secret underground bunker before opening out onto a wonderful open rooftop bar. On Friday, La Fée infiltrated this secret bunker to bring guests a taste of the green fairy.

Dan and Oscar were on hand with the La Fée fountain offering guests a chance to try the traditional serve as well as some more contemporary cocktails including Domain de Canton ginger liqueur, La Fée and lime juice shaken over ice.

The La Fee Fountian

The event was a fantastic success with some great feedback from customers and staff who started to see a slightly green hue appearing over the evening as the sun set and the absinthe flowed.

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