On Tuesday 19th of June, La Fée absinthe provided 20 Cambridge University students with an hours tour of the City in the La Fée Absinthe Bus

Students of Queen's College Cambridge boarding the La Fée Absinthe bus


 The evening started with us picking up our passengers along Queens Road, Cambridge. 20 glamourously dressed students climbed aboard and proceeded to make their way upstairs, where they were soon all given a glass of La Fée Parisienne absinthe by La Fée Managing Director George Rowley.
Cambridge University students aboard the La Fée absinthe bus

Everyone seemed excited about the prospect of riding La Fée’s exclusive bus, which has previously been enjoyed by the likes of the Black Eyed Pea’s, Roger Sanchez and MTV.

 Once our journey began, we made our way into the town center, and with the sound-system pumping, onlookers couldn’t help but stop and stare, some even managing to take a picture or two. Everyone was in a lively, energetic mood, some of them even taking turns in poking their head out the top of the bus.
Cambridge Students aboard the La Fée Absinthe Bus

We made our drop-off at around 20:45 at Queens College Cambridge. Where most would look to arrive via more traditional methods, such as limousine, our passengers got to turn up on a traditional London double-decker bus, which definitely turned more than a few heads.

 After thanking us for the unique experience, the students made their way to the front of the queue where they no doubt had a fantastic night.
Cambridge students arriving at Queen's College from La Fée Absinthe Bus


 Friday evening was the turn of Queens College Oxford to have their own La Fée experience. We were asked by the University to put on a bar for the students as part of their end of year entertainment for their 666th annual ball. Their aim was for the event to be mysterious, dark and enticing, all three characteristics that can relate into the absinthe world.
Students of Queen's College Oxford with La Fée Absinthe fountain
The absinthe bar proved to be a very popular attraction, leading to the historical drink being yet again another huge success, its popularity increasing even more.
Oxford students enjoying La Fée absinthe
The absinthe bar ran from 8:30pm to 1am, the flow constant with people eager to get there hands on a glass (or two!) of absinthe, many even becoming more and more intrigued by the history and stories behind the infamous drink.
Oxford student lit up green drinking La Fée absinthe

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