AUDIO: George Rowley is interviewed in New York by ReMARKable Palate #154

“This week, we learn about the mysterious Green Fairy, the spirit so alluring that it has been banned in Europe and the US since 1915, but which is finally making a comeback. Absinthe. The wormwood infused spirit with a licorice taste and a high alcohol content. We speak with George Rowley, CEO of la fee absinthe who tells us about his mission to bring back the banned spirit.”


Mark C. Tafoya is a personal chef in New York City. He is also a world traveler and self-taught gourmand. He is a graduate of Yale University, worked as an actor for 10 years, both On and Off Broadway, and in independent films. His love of travel and food has taken him around the world. He hopes to share his love of world cuisine with you!


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