We are delighted to announce that we will be supporting Tax Deductible Theatre Company this year with their hilarious, macabre all original sketch show ‘The Absinthe Monologues’

La Fée absinthe with man in green cod piece

The Absinthe Monologues is a brand new sketch show from Tax Deductible Theatre Company. Never knowingly under ambitious this show features a hectic mix of live action, original animation and gratuitous men-in-pants action!

Compéred by the enigmatic ‘Cad’ this show threatens to be one of the most surreal experiences at this year’s fringe. Featuring sketches about dead mothers, date rape, murderous 4 year olds, sex offender Olympians and a man stuck on a raft! Prepare to enter a place where hilarity and homicide go hand in hand as Tax Deductible take you into some of the darkest, silliest and downright weirdest territory that has ever professed to be funny.

absinthe monologue crowd scene sponsored by La Fée absinthe

Welcome to the world of ‘The Cad’. A remnant of British imperialism from a bygone age, he enlivens his lonely nights with absinthe fuelled orgies of decadence and excess. Feeling isolated and abandoned by the modern world around him he has summoned together a troupe of players to entertain him in whatever manner he sees fit. Exploring themes such as love, sexuality and identity we begin to see The Cad’s world tumble out of what little control there was.

Designed for a late evening cabaret style setting this show’s mix of twisted animation and even more warped storytelling should prove to be a huge hit.

Cults aside, this play is aimed at older audiences with a strict 18 rating. We wouldn’t want to expose young minds to such unabated art now then, would we?

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