Mayfair, London November 6th 2006 saw the launch party of ‘The Decadent Handbook’ the contributors to which chose to be paid in La Fée Absinthe, and it would be fair to say, there were a few decadent characters in attendance.

The Decadent handbook

The Decadent Handbook, by Dedalus Books, is designed as a handbook for the modern “libertine” and is edited by former Erotic Review Editor, Rowan Pelling. La Fée is mentioned throughout the book and features contributions by the bad, dangerous and eccentric free spirits of contemporary society who (those still living at the time of print!) chose to be remunerated with La Fée. The handbook is described as being “The ultimate lifestyle guide for people who want to transform the spirit of the age, or failing that, ignore it altogether!”

Launch of The Decadent handbook with La Fée absinthe

The Launch party was held in the Butler & Hedges Club, New Burlington Mews, Mayfair and entertainment was provided throughout. Salena Godden and her duo, Salt Peter., Burlesque Dancer Sugar Kayne (Siini Muuronen), live DJ performances and readings by Anne Pigalle. Oh, and of course lets not forget La Fée’s Parisienne absinthe, sponsor of book as well as the event and quite predictably a drink of which, by the end of the night, almost everyone was holding.

George Rowley with Rowan Pelling

George Rowley (MD, La Fée) pictured above with Rowan Pelling, who alongside fellow La Fée representatives, fought through the crowds, spreading the word on ‘The Green Fairy’.

Proceedings began with welcome speeches then the introduction of Rowan Pelling, Chief Editor of The Decadence Handbook, giving a short insight into her reasoning behind taking up the task of this book; her limelight however was partially taken by the eccentricity of a one Sebastian Horsley, a contributor to the new handbook and colorful character with a unique and intriguing view on Decadency in itself – His section in the book truly mirrors his personality!

Sebastion Horsley and Rowan Pelling

Following this was the performance of Burlesque Artiste Sugar Kane, one that certainly turned more than a few heads!

Sugar Kane Burlesque dancer


Next on stage were Salena Godden and Peter Coyte better known as SaltPeter, performing, among others, their recently released addictive first single Everybody Back to Mine.

Wandering around to bar number two took us to the Loop showing of the short film of Prayer Cushions of the Flesh, an adaptation of Robert Irwin’s erotic and perverse novel which justly fitted the scene of a decadent party.

After supplying some much enthused attendee’s with glasses of La Fée, taking the stage was French Parisian Anne Pigalle, also holding a glass of the increasingly popular drink.


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