Gos Save the Cream, The Icecreamists

God Save the Cream”

NV by La Fée stars in the Infamous Sex Pistol Ice-Cream.  Guerilla ice-cream installation by The IceCreamists (Agents of Cool) at the Ultralounge, Selfridges, London, W1A 1AB

La Fée CEO and brand owner, George Rowley, enjoys the specially created Absinthe ice-cream, blended with Ginkgo Biloba, Arginine and Guarana for blood flow and energy, topped with a shot of NV by La Fée.

This enchanting presentation of winter-luxe has been designed by a master mixologist and THE ICECREAMISTS and will be available at Selfridges until 1st November 2009.   Go visit and enjoy!  For your own “take-home” dessert, go to Selfridges wine shop and pick up a bottle of La Fée Parisienne or NV or visit our Sales website.

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