We gained over 70 new listings & a few refreshed across 3 states averaging 7 calls a day on & off-trade in 11 days

Main selling points:

1] La Fée® Parisienne Absinthe Supérieure 68% abv

2] La Fée® returned commercial Absinthe to France in 2000 ~ with Marie-Claude Delahaye (French Absinthe Museum) & myself ~ each production tasted and checked by us both for the last 19 years

3] You ever drank Absinthe? ~ it all starts here: The category legally returned following the first Thujone test on commercial absinthe since the bans ~ (To do this I had to ship Thujone from USA to up-grade Prague University Spectro Analysis machine ~ 1998)

4] La Fée is: Vegan, Gluten Free and All Natural

5] La Fée bottle has a UV inhibitor coat to help protect and a classic La Fée Absinthe spoon to encourage engagement & classic serve

6] Fun was had making & sampling my contemporary cocktails with great value, taste, look & bar price build:

A] Simplified Mojito: www.FrenchMojito.com

B] Reworked Gin and Tonic: www.ParisienneKiss.com

I would like to thank Preiss Imports for organising, & Constantine Wines & Spirits, International Wine & Spirits & Pacific Edge for chaperoning La Fee, NV and I.

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