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Some Place Liverpool


Renowned Absinthe Bar, Some Place in Liverpool hosted a Cocktail Competition organised by Ellie Cheeseman of Cellar Trends.  This followed on from an Absinthe Master Class, by Absinthe pioneer and founder La Fée, George Rowley.

Great entries were judged by last year’s winner Scott Burgess, Natalia Garcia (La Fée’s UK Brand Manager) and George Rowley. Deciding factors were presentation, use of ingredients and taste; there were two stand out cocktails of which which the overall winner was:

Tom Kinley

Tom Kinley at Some Place Liverpool making La Fée absinthe cocktails


Tom from Jenny’s, a cocktail bar and disco den in the heart of Liverpool, a venue that fuels curiosity, creativity and experimentation.
His winning cocktail was themed on a story in Marie Catherine’s collection of fairy tales from 1697:



It features Furibon, son of the King and Queen, who is malformed both in body and spirit, and the governor’s son Léandre ‘the beautiful indifferent one’. With both eligible for the throne, Furibon sees Léandre as a threat so rouses the King’s army to hunt him down. Léandre is chased out into the local forest, where he comes across the fairy Gentille. She is injured and Léandre helps her back to health. Sensing his kind soul she offers to transform the Prince into an Imp to escape his attackers. Passing her hands over him and exclaiming “Be Imp”. Léandre was transformed in le Prince Lutin with powers he could only dream of.

Marie Catherine wrote three more adventures for Léandre with fairies and magic, rescuing damsels in distress and fighting tyranny where possible.

The Imp Prince Cocktail

Simply add the ingredients into wet shake then fine strain into a dry shake, if the drink is too sweet add bitters on top according to taste:

25ml La Fée (Parisienne Verte)

25 ml Pedro Ximenez (Sherry)

5 ml hazelnut liqueur

2 dash black walnut bitters

A whole egg (adds a creaminess and a richness)

Reference on the flavours

Léandre ‘the beautiful one’ is La Fée

Furibon ‘ the King’s son’ is Pedro Ximenez

Gentille the transforming fairy is the egg!

Thanks again, Tom

Winner Tom Kinley, Jenny’s Bar
Runner up Colin Swash, Some Place

Colin Swash making a Cocktail

Colin Swash, Some Place

Pano making a La Fée cocktailPano making a La Fée CocktailPano pouring a La Fée cocktail

Some of the other entries by: Mark Ainscough,Conor Silcock and Robert Jones

Some Place, Liverpool: 25th October 2016

Thanks for the efforts of all those that took part…

“It’s great to see the involvement and dedication of the Manchester and Liverpool bartender society into creating cocktails with La Fee and their enthusiasm to learn every day about Absinthe. It shows there is development and compromise towards building better quality drinks for their consumers. Full of knowledge and balance. We had a perfect attendance and quality drinks during all the competition. Thank you all for assisting and taking the time to lean a little more about a product that has so much history and love into it. “ Natalia Garcia La Fee Brand Manager




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