What’s the perfect spirit for flaming your Christmas pudding this year?

Absinthe in xmas pudding newspaper article

An article in yesterday’s Times newspaper stated that the strongest spirit you could purchase from Fortnum & Mason is a particular vodka, at 54% abv.  It is, in fact, La Fée Parisienne, at 68%abv!  When it comes to flaming your Christmas pudding, it’s not just the strength of alcohol that helps: the warming spices and herbal aromas of La Fée Absinthe really compliment the bold, fruity and delicious traditional dessert.

Fortnum’s now stock the new La Fée Tasting Sets (in store, RRP £14.50), which include a miniature of both La Fée Parisienne & La Fée Blanche, as well as a traditional serving spoon: Enough to flame your pud’ (we recommend using Parisienne) and then enjoy a couple of glasses in the traditional manner.

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