Dundee, home of the good ship RRS Discovery and the new V&A museum and becoming a vibrant cocktail scene.

Draffens: an underground Speakeasy found in the back ally of the old Draffens department store…  Only open when the light is on….

Sarah Berardi (won the Scottish heat Southern Comfort 2018, I believe La Fée was part of the recipe ?).

La Fée Sazerac

As created for me by the legend that is Simon Difford (thank you so much…)

15ml La Fée: coat rocks glass and fill with crushed ice

Build your normal Sazerac

Don’t toss my fine La Fée Parisienne absinthe supérieure, it has now part louched from the ice melt softening it ~ decant in to shot glass, then toss the ice ~ finish prep of Sazerac as normal

Serve your client two drinks; an enhanced La Fée Sazerac with side car 

3 Sessions Street, great 2am venue with table service cocktails and cracking big bar


Co-owner Dan Caddell’s place, they kindly prepared three excellent La Fée cocktails with matching food for the guests, it was fun and we enjoyed the La Fée FrenchMojito.com I created earlier this year.

This I did by stripping down and simplifying a standard rum Mojito:

French Mojito

25ml / 35ml La Fée Parisienne or Blanche Absinthe Supérieure or ENVY / NV Absinthe

3 fresh squeezed lime wedges & Fresh Mint smacked

Fill Collins glass with crushed ice (critical to serve) and lift ingredients to suspend evenly through the glass

Top with San Pellegrino, Fever Tree lemonade, 7UP or Sprite

Dress with sprig of mint, dust with icing sugar for December holidays

Easy to make, looks and tastes great.

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