July 19, 2018 Jane Rowley

Nice blog from Marie-Claude Delahaye of the French Absinthe Museum ahead of George Rowley’s visit stateside.  Highlighting recent production run of La Fée Parisienne 68% for the US market and  efforts undertaken to make sure the Green Fairy is truly Green (100% natural of course!). http://absinthemuseum.auvers.over-blog.com/2018/07/la-fee-parisienne-aux-usa.html?utm_source=_ob_email&utm_medium=_ob_notification&utm_campaign=_ob_pushmail

July 11, 2018 Elaine O'Regan

MOJITO’S ENVY® Video created by George Rowley Or as some up-market bars are calling a “FRENCH MOJITO” A variation on a Mojito with true French heritage by replacing rum with Absinthe, and easier and faster to make for busy bars looking for a great fresh unisex long drink that tastes great, looks good and cost…

July 9, 2018 Elaine O'Regan

When evolving La Fée to restore Absinthe distilling to France with the French Absinthe Museum in 2000, I wanted a relevant image that was unique and projected the strength of the La Fée Brand and history of Absinthe. The La Fée eye became our symbol of both Absinthe’s past and her future:      …

April 30, 2018 Jane Rowley

People from all over the world visit Marie-Claude Delahaye at the Musée de l’Absinthe in Auvers-sur-Oise.  Last weekend she had a visit from Absinthe enthusiast and retailer Niels Rosselet-Christ from the birthplace of Absinthe; the Val-de-Travers in Switzerland.   After the visit Niels tasted La Fée Parisienne and gave a very favourable review: “very herby with…

March 12, 2018 Jane Rowley

Sunday Times, Business & Money 11th March 2018  ‘Minnows shake Bacardi’ Trademarks and our registrations are the bedrock of our industry & asset base (outside of great spirits) – only you have to police them.  After two years we now have a very positive result from the UKIPO and EUIPO in favour La Fée LLP…

March 8, 2018 Elaine O'Regan

    Notification: 3rd March 2018 La Fée LLP, is the intellectual property owner of the Brand La Fée and the Brand NV & ENVY, which are registered trademarks in the EU and are registered trademarks and/or trademarks elsewhere: La Fee LLP is the licensee of these Intellectual Property assets since early 2008 Please find…

March 1, 2018 Jane Rowley

George Rowley in New York meeting the Baron François sales team pushing La Fée Parisienne in the Big Apple.

February 22, 2018 Jane Rowley

George Rowley at Three Taverns Craft Beer & Savannah Distributing on-trade client event in Atlanta, Georgia.  Showcasing La Fée Absinthe for USA clients.

January 18, 2018 Jane Rowley

Absinthe Sorbet in menus from 1889, courtesy of the French Absinthe Museum. It may be chilly outside, but to make your own La Fée Absinthe sorbet, here are the ingredients for 6 people: