This Daiquiri-like cocktail by The Savoy’s Tom Walker is as cool and crisp as a dip in a mountain stream.  Don’t be scared of the absinthe – it makes the drink.  By Alice Lascelles in The Sunday Times Magazine.

Summer Sundowner cocktail

Glass: Coupe spritzed with Absinthe.  Garnish: Cucumber

Crush the cucumber and mint in the bottom of the shaker with the rum, lime and sugar syrup.  Shake hard with ice and double-strain into a coupe spritzed with absinthe.  Top with a splash of soda.  Garnish and serve.

60ml Barcardi Superior Rum or try our ENVY Caribbean Rhum
30ml Lime juice
15ml sugar syrup
8 mint leaves
3 cucumber wedges
Chilled soda water
4 spritzes of absinthe for glass

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